About Us

Thank you for taking the time to visit my little corner in the wonderful world of the internet.

Crafting Tale is a small business run from a home studio. All the products here are handcrafted by myself (Pallavi) 

I am Pallavi Sharma, the fairy sitting on the Moon up there :D , so I am the now who craft beautiful tales for you and your loved ones to make the memories extra special.

What started as a hobby during my childhood turned out to be  an excellent getaway from my work life. I have been actively exploring and learning art and craft forms for past 3 years. This instigated Craftingtale with the aim of spreading happiness through art the way I got in my own life!

Along the journey, I have had the privilege to spread the love through multiple online and offline sessions and through my personalized gift range. Overall i have taught over 500 students and have created over 300  Personalized gifts! 


I started making personalized gifts because I love handmade products! They are loaded with love, care and hard work! Every piece is different and unique! Curated specially for someone! They are not as perfect as manufactured art pieces but they touch people s heart deeper and make them smile little extra!


I always try to put my heart and soul in making my orders! I make gifts for occasions like birthdays anniversaries, farewell etc! These are the times which we want to create special moments for our loved ones! It gives me immense happiness when I hear back from my clients how it touched them and made that moment extra special for him or her!


Through my workshops I want people to connect with Art and Craft and enjoy some me time! 

Feeling of making something  on your own is just awesome and full of satisfaction and contentment. If it is something artistic and creative, then it just doubles the joy. This is our mission at crafting tale - To help you step by step to make a masterpiece

Come let's spread happiness together.